How To Record Your Desktop With Youtube

Youtube is an application admired by almost everyone who would have dived into the web. Anytime you are in need of a video, the foremost search done in Google is for the Youtube site. While it is known for providing with it’s best video experiences, one of the unexplored feature is […]

5 Best Websites To Send Fax For Free

1. FaxZero FaxZero has been busy sending more than 6.5 million faxes, for free. You can fax a maximum of 3 pages plus a cover, and only 5 free faxes in a day. The types of faxable documents include .doc, .docx or .pdf files, all under 20MB per document. To […]

15 Best Free Youtube Downloader Softwares For Your PC

Top 15 Best Free Youtube Downloader softwares for your Computer: – Who doesn’t love to watch videos online so, where better than YouTube to watch your favorite videos? YouTube which is perhaps the most successful Google product after their search engine, it is also hands down the most popular video […]

Shifting Guide to DigitalOcean

Most of people even knowing that unmanaged vps services like linode and Digitalocean are the best choices today in terms of performance and price, just dont dare to shift to these beautiful services afraid of the fact that they will not get a control panel and they have to start everything […]