How to Hack Windows 7 Password With simple steps

Here is a step by step way to Hack windows password. First of all start your Computer. When you see the start screen immediately power off your PC (Forced shut down). Start Your computer again. This time a message will appear saying , windows failed to start up. Select the […]

15 of the coolest free iphone apps

1. Health App It is the inbuilt app of iPhone that saw its stable release with iOS 8.3 in the month of April 2015. It monitors my steps, the distance I travel to the number of flight of steps I take. I can customize the dashboard to monitor all fitness […]

How to Control your PC via your Android Phone

Did you know you can access your PC via your android Phone. Here is a complete step by step tutorial to guide you for connecting your PC via your Mobile Phone. First of all go to google play store in your android mobile phone and install Chrome Remote Desktop by […]

Failed wordpress update fix

WordPress from time to time gives an option to users to upgrade. Although they tell every time to take a back up of files and database, but no one gives an ear to them in this lazy world. Who would move their a$$es , if everything is goes ok each […]