How to Fix a Corrupted Windows 10 Installation

One of the most severe problems afflicting Windows 10 users: system corruption. Corruption manifests in a variety of ways, ranging from random blue or black screens of death (BSOD) to driver errors. If you’ve tried everything else, you might want to experiment with three tools that come pre-installed with Windows. […]

5 Tips to Fix Slow Boot Times in Windows 10

Please note that while we are covering common solutions to this issue, this is not an exhaustive list of fixes. If you try all of these and still experience slow booting, you might have a bigger problem. In addition, you should review the general guide to speeding up Windows 10 […]

Does Windows 10 Freeze Your Computer? Try This!

For many the move to the Windows 10 Anniversary update has gone smoothly, but some users are experiencing constant freezing, with either the entire system locking up or specific elements like the Taskbar not responding. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and is actively working on a patch, but until then you’ll […]

13 Troubleshooting Tools to Fix Windows 10

Windows offers a variety of tools for troubleshooting and repairing problems. Whether your computer suffers from failed updates, awful appearances, sound problems, or driver errors, there’s a tool out there for you. This article covers a range of weapons in the arsenal for combating common Windows problems. Some of the […]