Use MightyText App to get sms from your Phone to PC

We all been in situations where we are stuck with our personal computer so much that we often miss important messages. Or in situations where we may have missed our android smartphone in home, and want to retrieve messages in office. This is where MightyText comes to rescue. This app […]

How To Delay Sending Emails in Outlook 16

You all know how awesome it is, to work with the Microsoft Outlook. Available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite, Outlook has been upgraded to new features and support in its latest version. You would have mostly used it to send emails. But there is much more. It […]

Import or Export Rules In Outlook 16

Import or Export Rules In Outlook 16: – Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client which is used by millions of Windows users. It comes as built-in feature along with other Microsoft Office tools like Word and Powerpoint. Apart from being just an email application,it has various other powerful features, […]

Top 10 Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers with many hidden functionalities. If you know these hidden tricks then it can actually help you a lot. Google chrome is full of shortcuts and hidden features that can help us. We can do a lot of things with our […]

How To Record Your Desktop With Youtube

Youtube is an application admired by almost everyone who would have dived into the web. Anytime you are in need of a video, the foremost search done in Google is for the Youtube site. While it is known for providing with it’s best video experiences, one of the unexplored feature is […]