How to Redirect Windows 10 User Folders to Cloud Storage

nstead of Libraries, Windows 10 includes quick links to your Documents, Pictures, Desktop, and Downloads in the left navigation pane of the file explorer. By default, these links go to their respective folders under your user folder, which is a local folder not tied to cloud storage.

If you’d rather have those quick links jump to places in your cloud storage, there’s an easy way to move them and bring all existing files with them.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the cloud storage folder (like Google Drive or OneDrive) you want to host your files in. Create a new folder wherever you like and name it something intuitive. Next, right-click on the respective shortcut link in the left pane and choose Properties.

Switch to the Location tab in the resulting window and click the Move button to choose a new place for the folder. Navigate to the folder in cloud storage that you just made and choose Select Folder.

After this, Windows will ask if you want to move the contents of that folder to the new one; you should do this so that programs trying to use the file path don’t break, as well as ensuring everything in the old folder is moved to cloud storage.

Of course, you can completely ignore these existing links and just create your own in the file explorer, but by doing this, you ensure you don’t accidentally click the shortcut to Documents and save a file to somewhere you never use.

Will you move these default links to cloud storage? Let us know if you found this tip useful in the comments!

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